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The Mahaweli Reach has over a period of nearly half a century, evolved and developed a brand synonymous with the highest standards of true Sri Lankan hospitality infused with a unique signature which reflects the rich culture, heritage and traditions of the Kandy region and its founders.

Our flagship hotel, the Mahaweli Reach is situated on the banks of the Mahaweli river and from its humble beginnings as a four roomed guesthouse has developed into its present iconic status, having 112 rooms and several food and beverage outlets in addition to specialized services which are much sought after in Kandy.

Mahaweli Reach Hotels PLC was first listed on the Colombo Stock Exchange in 1982 and has continuously engaged with its shareholders in a positive manner. This portal will serve as a further avenue for investors to access pertinent information about the company.

Circular to Shareholders
47th Annual General Meeting of Mahaweli Reach Hotels PLC
Chairman's Message
At Mahaweli Reach, we have continuously endeavoured to maintain honest and transparent interactions with our stakeholders. Our company and the tourism industry both local and global are facing unprecedented challenges. It is our fervent wish that this situation will get resolved soon and the travel industry will witness a resurgence. This industry which provides sustenance to so many is vital for the economic revival of Sri Lanka. We will strive to continue our journey towards creating value for all our stakeholders.
ANNUAL REPORT 2020 - 2021
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