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At Mahaweli Reach Hotel, we are very conscious of the impact our operations have on the environment and the community in which we operate. We are also concerned about the influence that work life has on our employees. We strive to ensure that our business processes produce a positive impact on society and the environment whilst looking to safeguard the interests of shareholders.

At present, global travellers are increasingly becoming aware and are more sensitive to the green initiatives taken by the hotels they patronize as well as the positive actions of these organisations in respect to their local communities. Often the choice of hotel is influenced not only by the facilities and services offered but by these standards as well. Therefore being an accountable corporate citizen is not just a good thing to do but rather a need in today’s competitive world, where business processes and expectations are constantly evolving.

At Mahaweli Reach Hotel, we have always considered contributing positively to our community and environment as a necessary part of being a responsible corporate citizen and have continuously carried out initiatives that assist the company in achieving these objectives. We endeavour to ensure that our operational processes and stakeholder interactions contribute towards the social good.

We have also attempted to ensure that while our efforts make a positive contribution to society at large that our employees too benefit and receive assistance where possible. Welfare measures are being implemented to assist them in meeting the challenges in their personal lives as well.

Duruthu Full Moon Poya Day – 2019

This year we are celebrating Poya Days in a more meaningful way…

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Children’s Day Program – Celebrating the joy of growing up!

It was very important for us celebrating a meaningful Children's Day this year as Mahaweli Reach is not just another hotel, but an...

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Mahaweli River Clean Up Project on 13th September 2018

This is how we joined together to clean the polluted Mahaweli river last Thursday.

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Mahaweli River Cleaning Project on World Water Day

In view of the rapid pollution of the Mahaweli River, The Mahaweli Reach Green Team initiated a River Cleaning project with local ...

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Dhamma discussion and a Meditation session to celebrate Vesak

Mahaweli Reach Hotel organized a Dhamma discussion and a Meditation session on the 01st May for the staff with the focus being on ...

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Vesak Celebrations at Mahaweli Reach Hotel – 2018

The hotel celebrated this significant day which commemorates the birth, enlightenment and passing away of the Lord Buddha with Bak...

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Celebrating International Women’s Day in 2018

Being a woman is never an easy challenge. She's a mother, sister, wife, friend and daughter every day...

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A Family with Their New House Built by Staff of Mahaweli Reach Hotel

A loving home to a loving family

Mahaweli Reach Hotel commemorated Poson Poya Day through a noble gesture of giving.

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Orange Electricals Product Sale at Mahaweli Reach Hotel

Awareness initiative and promotion by Orange Electricals

Mahaweli Reach Hotel in a step forward and in taking this global movement further, by introducing an awareness initiative and prom...

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Development of railway gate-man’s hut

Mahaweli Reach Hotel also keeps developing the garden area adjoining our railway gateman’s hut that was built for them last year

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Empowering the Differently-abled

As an organisation we continue to review our processes to include the differently-abled where ever possible.

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National Tree Planting Day Celebrations at Mahaweli Reach Hotel

Green Initiative on National Tree Planting Day

We, as an organisation are committed towards protecting our environment and introducing processes which are environmentally friend...

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Orientation on Table Etiquette

Mahaweli Reach Hotel also had an opportunity to provide an orientation on table etiquette to the Junior Prefects’ Guild of St. A...

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Universal Children's Day Celebrations at Mahaweli Reach Hotel

Universal Children’s Day

Mahaweli Reach Hotels PLC celebrated ‘World Children’s Day’ in a meaningful manner by conducting an awareness programme for ...

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Lighting Candles during the Earth Hour at Mahaweli Reach Hotel

World Earth Hour

An ongoing programme has been initiated by Mahaweli Reach Hotel in the past few years, whereby together with our guests and staff ...

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International Women’s Day

In commemoration of ‘International Women’s Day’ an awareness programme was organized for the female students of our neighbou...

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