Mahaweli River Cleaning Project on World Water Day

In view of the rapid pollution of the Mahaweli River, The Mahaweli Reach Green Team initiated a River Cleaning project with local sand miners and the Mahaweli Authority today in commemoration of World Water Day. Sadly, the longest river of Sri Lanka is neglected and polluted by human activities. The Mahaweli River basin is the largest basin in Sri Lanka accounting for almost one fifth of the country’s total area. The river flows into the Bay of Bengal. We initiated this project to educate people, create awareness and promote the urgent need to protect the river for future generations. Mahaweli Reach Hotel will be repeating this River Cleaning project every month with the support of local Sand miners and the Mahaweli Authority. Looking at the colllected Dump and Garbage, we realized how the people were unaware of the environment and how ignorant about the fact that it should be protected for their own sake. Please support to ensure clean, abundant water and a healthy watershed for people and wildlife. Be a part of the solution not the pollution! We are damaging the environment faster than it can recover. Water pollution is a growing threat. PROTECT OUR STREAMS AND RIVERS!

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