Sustainability/ Environment Policy

We believe in a greener tomorrow. That is why, as one of the leading hill country hotels in Sri Lanka, we actively commit towards environmental conservation. Mahaweli Reach Hotel continually strives to minimise its carbon footprint making as little impact as possible on the environment. As part of this initiative, we have joined hands together with local communities to support environmentally friendly projects as well as find sustainable ways to give back to Mother Earth.

Having recognised that hotel costs can be reduced and efficiency increased through investing in innovative environmental technologies and improved operational procedures, we implemented a number of key strategies. These included steps to reduce, reuse and recycle waste, effective water management, sustainable procurement and employing energy saving practices. In addition to this, we look to continually hold training programmes for our staff which help to improve employee performance and satisfaction.

As part of our ongoing green initiatives, Mahaweli Reach Hotel has also signed up with the Carbon Consulting Company. The company specialises in offering sustainable business solutions such as Carbon & Water Footprinting, Energy Auditing, Resource Efficient Cleaner Production with Material Auditing and Life Cycle Analysis.

The hotel is in the process of obtaining carbon neutral certification following a stringent process which takes a total of three years and covers carbon, water & waste management. Comprehensive training and audits are periodically carried out as well as part of achieving our goal and the necessary certification.