Children’s Day Program – Celebrating the joy of growing up!

It was very important for us celebrating a meaningful Children’s Day this year as Mahaweli Reach is not just another hotel, but an ‘Ecotel’! Every child is a gift of nature. We abuse the environment because we regard it as a commodity belonging to us, we have no respect or love for mother Earth and we have no concern about it’s future. Assisting to build up an army of Eco Warriors to protect the environment is one of our biggest objectives this year. They say good ethics begin at home… so we invited the future generation of our Mahaweli Reach Family last Saturday to say their thoughts aloud using colours, and then every child received a Plant to take home and look after.., with love and care, a plant to grow with them. Caring for children is similar to looking after a plant, you need to sprinkle love and kindness and patiently nurture their growth to help them discover tomorrow’s dreams..! Join us to celebrate the ‘joy of growing up’!, gift a plant to a child and continue sharing this message with your community. Help us to build a better, greener future for the next generation!

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