Awareness initiative and promotion by Orange Electricals

Mahaweli Reach Hotel in a step forward and in taking this global movement further, enhanced our programme by introducing an awareness initiative and promotion by Orange Electricals together with our maintenance team. The staff were given an opportunity to discuss their concerns and benefit from this promotion whereby they were able to address their personal needs directly and make purchases at a discounted rate. The significance of using CFL & LED bulbs was highlighted and demonstrated and was of immense benefit to the employees. This minor act will indeed create an immense impact and benefit the nation through the saving of energy with the distribution of over 400 bulbs ranging from 3W to 12W being of substantial value and help in energy conservation.

Mahaweli Reach Hotel hopes to continue this kind of programme periodically for the benefit of our staff, organization and nation at large with the intention of saving energy and not merely limiting the effort to an hour a year. This gesture was well received and will be a benefit to all.