Gangula Terrace

Part of the hill country’s charm is its magical outdoor landscapes which provide a sense of wonder and such idyllic backdrops can be found around Mahaweli Reach Hotel. Apart from our main restaurant in Kandy, Sri Lanka we offer distinctive alfresco dining options each different from the other.

Enjoy an intimate dinner at our Gangula Terrace beneath an enchanting flower canopy, a lavish high tea served at the Lotus Pool Terrace or a romantic meal in a secluded spot in the garden, under star-strewn skies. From fine dining menus to private BBQs, our chefs will prepare your favourite dishes, perfectly paired with wines from around the world. We can also setup a place to dine by the riverside, lit up by fire torches, lanterns or candles, as you share a meal while being serenaded by the sounds of the river.